Protect sex and private health

Why it is actually needed? Secure lovemaking and intimate health assist to lessen the potential risk of sexually transmitted bacterial infections (STDs) and aid connection with many other pathogens.

Who for? The steps and advice in this field are being used by both leaders and owners of sexual intercourse relationships and sex employees. Company directors and proprietors are liable for revealing sexual intercourse staff and staff about personal hygiene and safe sexual intercourse.

Hygiene actions

•Clean both hands

•both before and after any sex feel or restorative massage

•if there are actually body liquids for example semen, pre-ejaculatory water, genital liquefied or blood flow on the palms

•when there is any gas or massage substance on the palms

•following utilising the toilet

•pre and post prepping food or having

•after employing hand protection

•right after achieving any washing work

•should your hands are visibly filthy.

Rinse your hands based on the instructions provided.


•In situations where there is an improved chance of the transmission of STIs, including in guys who have lovemaking with some other guys (MSM) or blood flow relationship as a result of fisting an anonymous intimate go with, after cleaning both your hands and parching them totally, you may also plan to disinfect them. This further more boundaries the numeral of pathogens which might not have been released by cleaning up. Only utilise palm sanitisers which have been approved by the Board to the Authorisation of Vegetation Protection Items and Biocides.

•When you function as an pamplona in whores (putas en Pamplona), only produce duties in areas where one can thoroughly clean the hands with soapy water. Consistently have a package of fingers sanitiser together with you being on the secure flank. Do not use palm sanitisers whenever your palms are visibly filthy this diminishes the importance of the sanitiser.

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