In case you have been the sufferer of sex harassment, you could be experiencing terrified and unsure about what to do up coming. It is very important recall that you are one of many and there are people who may help you. This post will provide information about how to get ready on your own for filing molestation (성추행) fees in Korea.

Idea #1: Know Your Legal rights

You should know that you may have the right to data file a erotic harassment state and there are laws and regulations into position to protect you. The initial step is to keep yourself well-informed about the legal concise explanation of sex harassment plus your legal rights within the law.

Suggestion #2: Seek out Support From Other people

There is no need to go through this procedure by yourself. There are several organizations and people who are able to offer help, including advisors, attorneys, and help groupings. Search for people that may offer you psychological and sensible support in this tough time.

Tip #3: Accumulate Facts

If you opt to data file a sexual harassment declare, you will need to get data to back up your case. This might consist of keeping a journal from the mishaps, preserving emails or texts, and collecting witness statements.

Suggestion #4: Seek out Medical Treatment

If you have been the target of sex harassment, it is important to seek out medical assistance. This will help to document any accidents and might be essential if you choose to pursue legal action.

Suggestion #5: Take Care OfYourself

This can be a tough time, and it is very important look after yourself both physically and sentimentally. Make sure you consume healthier foods, exercise, get enough rest, and get splits as required. Taking good care of on your own will allow you to through this hard procedure.


When you have been a victim of erotic harassment, there are actually things you can do to make your self for filing fees. Some examples are knowing your proper rights, looking for help from other folks, event data, and taking care of your self both physically and on an emotional level. Using these methods will assist you to through this challenging method.