There is no definitive set of recommendations that can help you determine whether you should go with a specialist or a generalist. Your current state of health and the nature of the ailment for which you are seeking a diagnosis will both factor into the choice. In the event if your primary care physician diagnoses your issue without the need for any more testing, it is possible that you will not require the services of a specialist.
Alternately, you should definitely consider going to see a specialist if your primary care physician has diagnosed you with an illness that is uncommon but has not ordered any tests to confirm the diagnosis. If you have a problem that is quite uncommon, consulting a specialist will significantly improve your chances of receiving an accurate diagnosis. Because specialists are more likely to have experience treating patients who have your unusual disease, they are able to deliver superior medical attention to their patients.

How Do You Make Your Decision Regarding Which Radiologist to See?
When looking for a radiologist like Dr. Johan Blickman, there are a lot of different factors to take into consideration. The cost, the experience, the location, and reviews are some of these factors. Regarding the financial aspect, there is no predetermined cost associated with a radiological procedure. The amount that must be paid varies according to the type of treatment, the location, and the state in which the patient resides. In most cases, speaking with your health insurance provider is the most efficient approach to obtain information regarding the cost of a surgery.
Reading internet evaluations is the most effective technique to gather information about the level of experience possessed by a radiologist. You could also seek the counsel of your primary care physician regarding the selection of a radiologist. In order to consult a radiologist, it is not necessary for you to travel to the facility that is geographically closest to you. You are free to move to whichever area better suits your needs. Having said that, you should move to a region that has a radiologist with a strong reputation in order to get the best possible care.