Hiring a reputation manager like Francis Santa is a good idea. Some companies would rather work on their own or not bother to hire a reputation manager simply because they think everything is under their control and radar. In the world of entrepreneurship, nothing is constant. Things change, like your business reputation.
Even how hard you try maintaining a good reputation, it is hard to achieve, especially that marketing competition is so tight and as the saying goes, “you cannot please everybody”.
Your reputation can make or break not just your business but you as an individual, hence, it is strongly recommended that you let the experts intervene and let them manage your business reputation.
When you hire a reputation manager, here are the things you can expect from them:
Regular updates on your business status
The reputation manager should update you about your business status on a regular basis. It is their responsibility and at the same time, it is your right to know the current status of your business.
If the manager fails to update you, you are free to ask them. But needless to say, if the manager always fails to update you, better hire someone else. Updating their clients is part of their job, hence, if they are not doing it, it means that they are not doing their job pretty well.
Popularity of your business
If your business manager is efficient and effective, expect increase on your business sales/income and also bigger popularity and opportunity for your business.
Correction of bad reputation
If your business has a bad reputation, the reputation manager can help you gain your good reputation back. It is their job not just to maintain but also to improve your business reputation. If your business is currently experiencing not so good feedback, it is time to call for a reputation manager’s help.