Your cat’s kitty litter box can inform a good deal about its overall health. Modifications in the urine coloration, uniformity, and volume might point to primary medical issues which need fast focus. That’s where Rather Litter comes into the photo. Pretty Litter is actually a new type of pet cat litter which not only takes up pee and odour and also adjustments shade to notify you of any probable health problems your feline could be suffering from. Within this post, we’re likely to plunge into the world of Quite Litter, its benefits, and the way it operates.

prettylitter and is made to modify shade in response to modifications in your cat’s pee acidity degree. Usually, pet cat urine has a pH level that varieties between 5. and 7.5, with 7. being natural. Rather Litter has indications that modify coloration depending on the level of acidity levels, with azure suggesting a normal pH measure of 7.5, environmentally friendly indicating a rather acidic measure of 6.5, and red suggesting an extremely acidic measure of 5.5. If the litter turns reddish colored, it can be a sign of a urinary pathway disease or renal difficulties, and it’s suggested to look for vet assist.

One of the considerable benefits of Quite Litter is its dust-cost-free solution. It’s aroma-totally free, plus it doesn’t create any harsh airborne dirt and dust clouds, rendering it a fantastic selection for pet cats with respiratory system problems and allergic reactions. Furthermore, due to the non-clumping formula, it’s quicker to nice and clean than standard clumping litters, which could grow to be challenging and hard to scoop after they take in plenty of water.

An additional benefit of Pretty Litter is its light-weight and simple-to-shop packages. Its light-weight the outdoors also makes it easier to move and deal with, particularly for elderly people or people who have range of motion concerns. A single handbag of Quite Litter endures around one month and might be shipped to your home over a schedule of your choice.

The designers of Fairly Litter also state that their litter adjustments colour days and nights prior to any visible signs of health problems arise. For example, when your cat is suffering from kidney failure, the litter could turn blue initial, combined with reddish, supplying you with an earlier forewarning to find medical help. That’s a significant advantage in comparison with standard litter types, that could mask health problems until it’s far too late.

Rather Litter also provides advantages for multiple-pet cat houses. It’s unscented and doesn’t have extra chemicals that can induce pet cats to refuse the box. Moreover, because Quite Litter is non-clumping, it will also help decrease checking, making it simpler to clean up up and keep a thoroughly clean residence.


Fairly Litter has transformed the world of cat litter by adding an exclusive and progressive formula that not only absorbs odour and moisture content but in addition will help keep track of your cat’s well being. Its lightweight, dust-totally free, as well as simple-to-shop design, put together with a stern warning method that can support identify potential health issues, make it an outstanding selection for cat users. If you’re tired of classic clumping litters and need a less hazardous, easier, and proactive solution, give Fairly Litter a test. Your cat’s health insurance and well-becoming are worth every penny.