Has the fire dwindled between you and your lover these recent years? Rekindle it and enjoy intimacy again with these suggestions to fix your dead bedroom.

Did you know couples are having less and less sex? One in four couples only has sex once a month, while one in five only has sex twice or thrice a year.

It gets worse – a dead bedroom isn’t something couples can solve in an instant. Around 40% of such cases end up lasting one to five years. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, though.
The key is to not treat a dead bedroom as a problem. Rather, see it as a symptom of an underlying issue. That way, you can treat it at its roots, which is more effective for both parties.
Read our tips below to learn how you can get intimacy back.

Sometimes, the root cause of a Dead Bedroom is hidden relationship conflict. When you have resentment against your partner, you won’t likely get in the right mood.

In many cases, the issue is still fixable. You only have to learn how to communicate with your partner.

First, sit them down and talk about what you feel about the lack of intimacy. What does it make you feel? And what do you need to resolve it?

Encourage your partner to talk, as well, and let them know you’re all ears for what they have to say. It’s important for both sides that you will receive the other’s concerns with an open mind. It’s not the time to point fingers and become defensive.

You might have to ask a lot of questions before you get the other to open up, though. Ask how they feel about you in terms of attraction or ask if they’re having self-esteem issues. Don’t forget to ask if they’re harboring resentment or negative feelings, as well.