Ogbono broth is a Nigerian soup created using Ogbono seeds. It really is a extremely popular broth one of the Igbo folks of Nigeria. Ogbono soups is often known as Bring soup because of its thicker, slimy consistency. Ogbono soup recipe usually includes meat, chicken, or sea food. It is also made with veggies like pumpkin leaves, spinach, or waterleaf.

Ogbono soup recipe? Ogbono soups is an extremely easy and quick soups to create. It can do not need numerous components and can be made in less than thirty minutes. This broth is great for a busy weeknight supper or possibly a speedy lunch time. Ogbono soups is often offered with fufu, a Nigerian starch produced from cassava or yams. It can also be served with rice or loaves of bread.

Should you be looking for a quick and easy Ogbono soup recipe, then this is basically the perfect menu for you. Do this formula on how to cook ogbono soup with okra these days, and you will definitely not really let down.


1 cup Ogbono seed products

1-2 tablespoons palm gas

1 onion, cut

2 cloves garlic, minced

1 pound meat, chicken breast, or fish

6 servings of normal water or carry

Sodium and pepper to taste

Non-obligatory: 1-2 tablespoons of ground crayfish

Recommended: 1/2 tsp of dried up chili pepper flakes


1. In the sizeable cooking pot, warmth the palm oils over medium heating.

2. Add the onions and garlic herb and prepare right up until softened, about a few minutes.

3. Put the meat, chicken, or sea food and cook till browned, about 10 minutes.

4. Add more water or inventory and convey it into a boil.

5. Add the Ogbono plant seeds and stir well.

6. Minimize the heat and simmer for 25-half an hour.

7. Season with sea salt and pepper to preference.

8. Provide with fufu, rice, or breads. Appreciate!

In summary, this is a fast and simple Ogbono soup recipe that is good for a lively weeknight evening meal. The soup is hearty, stuffing, and loaded with flavour. Give this Ogbono soup recipe a shot nowadays, and you may stop being let down.