Plastic surgeries have become a norm in many societies today with many facilities offering the services to those that can afford the same. Cosmetic procedures can be done for both beauty and treatment reasons. Its success will however depend on whether you can find the right quality of surgeon and facility to count on. A number of factors need to be assessed as per the guides given by Dr Leonard Hochstein however patients should also research on the risks they stand to face. Find out from the highlights below some of the common complications people stand to face when going through a plastic surgery.
Seroma is a condition that is mostly associated with tummy tuck procedures even though it could affect patients of other cosmetic procedures too. It entails a swelling beneath the skin surface full of serum which might end up being very painful on the affected. When ignored, these seromas can become infected and hence a major threat to the recovery procedure. A doctor will use a nail to drain the fluid from its pocket beneath the skin to mitigate any more risks from surfacing however it may have to be done recurrently especially if the pocket keeps filling up over time.
Risk of Infections
Many of the after surgical procedure care routines are based on cleaning the incised area and mitigating the potential for infections. Infections are however common risks of different types of surgery however with better care they can be prevented. 1-2% of people who undergo breast augmentation experiences infections that need intravenous antibiotics for better recovery. Skin infections like cellulitis must also be prepared for should they surface after completion of the surgical procedure.