Almost every business nowadays has an online presence regardless of whether it is a small business or large. In recent years, there has been an adoption of eCommerce and many businesses are striving to improve their online engagement. Customers are now looking for brands over the internet and they only want to associate with brands that are not unique but those that can offer them a unique experience. If you have been thinking that SEO doesn’t matter to smack businesses, you are mistaken. So, why should small businesses consider Bret Talley for their SEO? Here are some of the reasons
To bring in more customers
Small businesses should consider SEO for their businesses because it brings to them more customers. According to statistics, 53.3% of website traffic emanates from organic search. According to many marketers, at least 60% of their highest quality leads emanates from customer engagement. This is because many customers are always searching for a solution to the problem they have and when you appear at the top of search results, you are simply fulfilling their needs. Therefore, being ranked at the top of search results is very important to be seen by customers.
Suitable for creating a great web experience
Appearing on the top search results and claiming the number one rank is mostly depended on the kind of authority that you built. You can have the best content but without trying to create the best experience for your users, chances of appearing at the top searches are minimal. Therefore, it is important to make it easy for customers to get what they want when they click on your website. When you are thinking about SEO, make sure that your page speed is great and your backlinks are also top-notch.