A mini heat gun is actually a flexible resource which can be used for many different purposes. You could possibly consider it a tool to help your create jobs, but there are numerous other methods to use it. This blog post will talk about several surprising uses of a heat gun. Continue reading to acquire more information!

5 various Surprising Uses of a Heat Gun

1.Mending Drywall:

In case you have an opening with your drywall, you can use a heat gun to correct it. First, use a found to reduce the golf hole right into a rectangular or rectangle. Then, make use of the heat gun to heat the hole’s ends. Finally, use a putty knife to utilize some patching fabric to the opening.

2.Shedding Color:

In order to get rid of painting from your work surface, you can use a heat gun. First, position the heat gun about 6 ” from the work surface and turn it on to the top placing. After that, wait for a painting to get started on peeling away from. Eventually, make use of a scraper to get rid of the other paint.

3.Softening Plastic material:

In order to soften plastic-type material, you can use a hot air gun. Initially, place the plastic material over an your oven mitt or any other heat-tolerant work surface. Up coming, start up the heat gun and set it on the plastic-type. Lastly, wait for a plastic to soften and remove it from the heat gun.

4.Diminishing Fabric:

In order to shrink the material, use a heat gun. First, put the material on an ironing table and protect it by having an ironing cloth. Next, turn on the heat gun and hold it about two inches above the cloth. Lastly, wait for the cloth to begin diminishing and remove it from the heat gun.

5.Melting Wax:

If you want to burn the wax tart, you can use a heat gun. Very first, put the wax tart inside a microwave oven-risk-free compartment. Following, microwave the wax for thirty seconds. Finally, fill the melted wax tart into another pot and allow it to cool off.


A heat gun is really a functional instrument which can be used for a number of reasons. These are only 5 of many purposes of a heat gun. So, if you’re looking for a versatile instrument to enhance your arsenal, think about a heat gun!