On earth of luxury wrist watches, Rolex is queen. The Swiss watchmaker has been in business for more than a century, as well as its timepieces are prized with regard to their elegance, durability, and status. Genuine rolex watches can cost tens of thousands of money, so that it is a tempting goal for counterfeiters. Here’s the way to area an imitation Rolex so you don’t get used for a journey.

Counterfeiters have become great at making fake Rolex watches that appear to be identical to the real thing. There are many telltale indications. Nonetheless, which will help you area an imitation.

●Just about the most clear methods to determine if a Rolex is artificial is actually by studying the cost. In the event the observe is being provided at a fraction of the price of what it really would expense at an authorized seller, it’s almost certainly not the true offer.

●A different way to determine if a Rolex is artificial is as simple as checking the extra weight. A real Rolex is constructed from substantial-top quality materials and can feel substantial once you get it. A fake Rolex, however, might be created from more affordable materials and will feel lighter weight than a realistic one.

●When examining a Rolex view, pay close attention to the engravings about the circumstance back. Counterfeiters often make mistakes when copying these complex particulars. Also look into the cyclops—the magnifying camera lens within the particular date display—and make sure that it’s focused across the particular date and magnification is consistent all over the whole lens.

●If you’re still uncertain whether the Rolex you’re taking a look at is actual or bogus, take it to a permitted dealer or jeweler and possess them examine it for you. A seasoned vision can area any problems quickly.


A genuine Rolex observe is surely an awesome part of craftsmanship that may keep going for a lifetime—but only when it’s legitimate. Counterfeiters have become really good at generating phony Rolexes that appear just like the genuine article, but there are a few methods to spot a fake once you know things to look for. Check out the extra weight, engravings, and cyclops lenses cautiously, of course, if you’re still unsure, accept it for an approved dealer for inspection. With these ideas in mind, you are able to prevent acquiring undertaken for a ride with a counterfeit Rolex see.